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IMG_0217Antony is a second cousin to José Eduardo, our first student here at CICS. His deafness is genetic since he has a deaf grandpa. His mom had asked to send him to school last year, but we felt that he was very young and still needed to be with his mom. He is now five years old.

In contrast to many of the deaf that come here, he is extremely quiet and needs motivation to play and do any type of exercise.

Anthony is very sociable, enjoying greeting other people and shaking hands. He explains with great IMG_5309detail anything that happens.

He is also very intelligent and since he started so young, we hope that he will learn quickly and be able to reach an academic level normal for his age.

We ask your prayers for him.


Note: Ana is part of a family of six deaf children. She is a sister to Verónica, a volunteer,  and Teresa, another student…

IMG_2968_revI remember the first time that I met Ana. She seemed like a very pretty girl, with intelligence and a lot of energy. She always had a beautiful smile, which made me want to try to get acquainted and be her friend. But to my surprise, she rejected me immediately and always tried to do different things to openly show that she didn’t like me–things like disrespecting me, hitting me, or pushing me. It wasn’t easy, but with the support and advice of Nata and Becky, I was finally able to get close to her and she accepted me.


Ana, Verónica, Teresa

Over the years, I have discovered that Ana has a very strong character and a heart that wants to do what is right. However, she fights against her human nature that wants to lead her astray, and which often does. She has a very brilliant mind and is very intelligent, to the point where academics are very easy for her. I would say she pretty much learns by herself–she doesn’t need much explanation in order to learn something new. Year after year, she wins first place in the spelling competition, although some years her little sister Teresa has won, which has not been easy for Ana to accept.

In these last few years, Ana has struggled with submitting to authority, influencing and making groups between the rest of the deaf children, and leaving her house under false pretenses in order to go to places that wouldn’t be allowed.
IMG_4222She confesses to fighting a lot against the Tempter in doing what is right. She has expressed her desire to be faithful to God, even though she knows it isn’t easy.

Let’s pray for Ana, that she could remain firm in her decision to be faithful to God. Pray also that God could provide a place to work for her. That is another big decision she needs to make next year, since she won’t be coming back to school.
Through faith, I see Ana completely decided to serve Christ, being a useful instrument for the glory of God, teaching other deaf children what she has learned. I think she would be a good teacher!

I am happy to have had the privilege of teaching her these years, and I leave the rest up to the Lord.

Maria Eva


IMG_1276_revFriend to everyone, giggly, good student, hard worker…these are all pretty good descriptions of Teresa. Not to say that she doesn’t have problems (who doesn’t?), however, she is one of those students that rarely needs reprimanding or correcting. Her general happy-go-lucky attitude, despite everything she goes through, is a testimony to the power of God in whom she confides.

Teresa was born in 2000 as the last addition to a family of seven other siblings born to her parents (she has more half-siblings). Of the eight children in this family, six are deaf! Three of herIMG_0597 deaf siblings have also come to school here, including Manuel, Verónica (currently a volunteer), and Ana. Her two oldest deaf brothers were never able to go to school, and therefore cannot read or write. These deaf children are more fortunate than some, however. At least they have the ability to communicate among themselves. Children that are the only deaf child in a family are, in general, more isolated and less able to communicate.

As is the case in many of these students’ stories, Teresa’s father was, and still is, somewhat of a drunkard. Earning a small living as a farmer, he spent the majority of his money on liquor without much to spare for vital necessities. Sometimes in drunken rages he beat his wife, until finally after a particularly violent episode where the eldest son tried to intervene, the mother had enough and moved away with the children.

Some time later, after promising that he wouldn’t drink anymore, Teresa’s mom moved back, and peace was restored for a while. Her father’s drinking never stopped permanently, though, so even now her mother and the children need to work hard taking vegetables to market in order to have enough to eat. A lot of Teresa’s time, when school is not in session, is spent gathering vegetables and helping mom. She almost never complains, though and usually does her work willingly and thoroughly. Sometimes she wasn’t even able to come to school because of the work she needed to do. One year, her mom decided to keep her at home instead of going to school, and it was only after many prayers, that Teresa was able to come to school after all.

But there always a bright to side to every story, and such is certainly the case with Teresa. As you’ve already read, she’s gone through many hard times, and would have more right than most to complain and wallow in self-pity. Certainly more than I!

However, she doesn’t complain about her past life and a lot of that is due to her relationship with the Savior. Teresa became a Christian about two years ago. Her life reflects that as well, which is exciting and invigorating! What a great God we serve! Afterwards, Teresa decided of her own volition to wear a head covering. No one told her to. However, once she made that step, several people explained to her exactly what it means and she hasn’t taken it off! God has great plans for this young lady, I’m sure, and it’s an encouragement to see her grow in the Christian life.

As for her life now, she still comes to school pretty much every day. She learns fast in school and likes to compete with her sister Ana in the thrice-annual spelling competition. She loves teasing and playing around. She often does things with Beatriz, one of her best friends and companion-in-crime.

So, as you think about Teresa, don’t feel pity for her. Rather, rejoice in what God has doing and will do in her life! It is not my IMG_2688desire to have you focusing on the admittedly rough life she has had, but instead thank God that you had godly parents that got along, and thank God for all the material (blessings??) that you have. She lives with less, but many times she’s happier and has less to worry about, too! Of course, I’m in the same boat with my laptop, phone, car, and nice house to live in, and money in the bank, but it’s just something that’s good to think about. “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required…”

Pray that Teresa could continue to show the Light of Jesus to others. Pray that she could continue to grow in her Christian life. Pray that God would touch others in her family that are unbelievers. Only God knows, but maybe someday Teresa will be able to go to church with her whole family! Pray for Teresa…


IMG_5050Miguel is a typical, very mischievous little 6 year old with seemingly boundless energy. He is one of those kids that you need to watch constantly or he’ll get in trouble. However, his broad smile and sly grin, combined with his obvious need for someone to give him love and attention, makes it all worth it! Sure he can be bad and cause many problems, but if we can be of help to guide him towards a relationship with Jesus Christ, what does it matter the costs here on earth?

We don’t know much about Miguel’s early life, but we do know he was born into a family that rejectedIMG_0779 him. His mother left him when he was young, upon which his aunt took upon herself the responsibility to care for him. His aunt had another child by birth, who is essentially a younger brother to Miguel, although not by blood. This is pretty much the extent of his family–his birth mom, as far as we know, has no contact with him whatsoever. He probably wouldn’t even recognize her on sight. The place where Miguel lives with his aunt isn’t what you would call an ideal home. The house is next door to a little comedor (restaurant) where lots of men come to eat and drink beer. Somehow Miguel developed a taste for the vile stuff and he has told us already that it’s his favorite! He has come to school already acting a bit woozy, most likely from an alcohol hangover.

Miguel started school here at CICS in May of 2013. He was very intelligent with lots of energy. A (then) 5 year old little boy, it took some time for him to adapt to life here. The first week he would cry himself to sleep each night, because of homesickness and the strange new environment.

Miguel has learned a lot since he first started school, however, he still needs frequent reminders about different conduct issues. He struggles a lot with respecting authority and doing what he is told. His boundless energy and rambunctiousness also creates problems in his relationships with the other children. But when he is in a good mood, he is a joy to be around. He likes to show off make other people laugh. He achieves his goal quite often with his outlandish facial expressions and toothless grin. We try not to laugh at him too much, but sometimes it’s a little hard to restrain our mirth.

Since he lives so far away, Miguel stays here at CICS all week, until the weekend, when he goes IMG_2559home to be with his aunt. He is fairly young yet, so he doesn’t have a lot of responsibilities, but he has learned how to care for various animals and doing small things like washing dishes. Doing the dishes with him means you’ll probably have some water splashed around at some point. He also helps Elmer, his dorm dad, with any other projects that he can do. Miguel likes to tag along after anyone who will let him. In the afternoon, one of his favorite pastimes is riding bike. It’s quite amusing to see this small, skinny kid, with pants not reaching down to his ankles, riding this bicycle about as tall as he is.

Pray for Miguel as you think about him. Pray that he could grow up to know Jesus as his personal Savior. Pray that he could be an example to others who look up to him when he grows up. Pray for his teacher, Melody, and his dorm dad, Elmer, as they try to teach him practical things and also about God. Pray that he could use his difficult early life as a platform to demonstrate God’s power of healing and restoration. Pray for Miguel…


The Willard Mast family that lived in Las Delicias were the ones that let us know about Beatriz. She was living alone with her mom, as her dad was living in the USA. Willard and Sharon brought Beatriz and her mom to the deaf school one day so they could see how it
was, but at that point, we didn’t have enough teachers to be able to take her in.DSC_0260

The following year, we had Beatriz and two other
girls wanting to start school and God blessed us with
another teacher, so she was able to come. The year she
started school, her dad was back in El Salvador.

Beatriz is fairly soft-hearted and sentimental. Her
eyes are very expressive and she often seems to say more with her eyes than with her hands. Because she lives so far away, she stays at the school during the week and goes home on weekends. Her parents bring her back and forth by public transportation.

As we learned to know her, we discovered that after being at home, she wasn’t herself at the beginning of the week. She was unmotivated and more quiet than usual. She often seemed to be lost in thought. With time, however, she started to communicate more and told us of the problems in her home.

Her dad was a drunk and he didn’t treat her mother very kindly. At times she didn’t come to school because there was no money to pay the bus fare. This caused her to feel insecure and she often cried when her mom brought her.

At the beginning of this year, we went to see if she was going to come to school this year and found out that her parents had separated. She had lived with her mom at first, but then went to live with her dad. We weren’t sure if she was going to come, but Praise the
Lord, her parents got back together and Beatriz was able to continue coming to school. She is learning a lot and does well in writing.DSC_0170-1

Please pray for her family; there are still problems and it does affect her. Our desire is that through our contact with Beatriz, her family would come to know the Lord.

Becky Aguilar


imageWe learned to know Paola through Luis (a deaf man). He told us one day that in his neighborhood there is a deaf girl that is about 3 years old. We went to visit her and invited her to a getting acquainted activity that we had planned with all the deaf children that we knew from the area.
She came with her dad and sat the whole time, on the lap of a girl who had come to help. She seemed very timid and we felt that it would be wise to wait a while before she started to come to school.image
Three years later, we again went to visit Paola. We found out that her dad had died and her mom had gotten married again.
We talked with her mom and she consented to having Paola come to the school; but the most interesting thing for us was to see how enthusiastic her step-father was in wanting her to come to the school.
We discovered that Paola was not at all timid but very active and even a bit hard to control. But she soon adapted and then started to learn. We soon noticed that she is very gifted in math.
imagePaola is a living example, of the fact, that it is easier and faster for a young child to learn sign language and also academics.
Praise God, that even though her dad died, her new dad loves her and supports her in her learning.
Paola is now 7 years old and this is the second year that she is in school.

~Becky Aguilar


imageWe asked the government agency that looks after the welfare of children, if they had any deaf children in their homes; they answered us with, “we would need to search the system”, but they soon let us know that they had a boy that was approximately 6 or 7 years old, and that is how Carlos came to our school.
Nothing is known of his parents, as he was abandoned in a housing development. Apparently his parents decided to move to another place with the intention of leaving him behind, which they did.
For a time, Carlos lived on the street, eating what the neighbors would give him. When the police were informed of this, they placed him in an orphanage. For some time, he lived being moved from one orphanage to another, as he was always escaping. Since he came here, he has not tried to run away.
imageCarlos has a ready smile and people easily fall in love with him, but because of what he suffered, the sunny smile and the reality of what he is feeling in his heart, are often not the same. He lives behind some pretty high barriers.
Those who have cared for him have had many frustrations, but God is slowly changing his heart and we now begin to see the fruits of our patience and hard work.image
He has learned a lot in school, including how to behave properly, imagebut above all to have the fear of the Lord in his heart.
Pray for us that God will guide us to know how to train Carlos.
Pray also for the future of Carlos and that his heart can be completely healed.
~Becky Aguilar



The governmental branch that watches out for children’s rights received a
call reporting Kevin’s family. Some neighbors who lived close to them
thought Kevin was probably being abused because they would hear lots of
screaming from him. When they went to investigate, they found out that
Kevin is deaf and that was the reason for all the screams. Screaming and
screeching were his way of communicating.
The lady in charge at the office made contact with us and
together we went to visit the family. That is how we learned to know Kevin.
The parents were very happy when they found out that we have a
school where Kevin could receive some schooling. They had wanted to send him
to one of the schools for deaf in San Salvador but had not been able, because of financial limitations.
Since they live far from our school it was necessary for Kevin to stay here from Monday through Friday. The parents were quite worried about this. They were afraid Kevin would not like the idea of being away from home. When they brought him to school, Kevin really liked it, but didn’t much like the idea of staying here. At first it was pretty difficult for him to adjust, but little by little he began feeling more comfortable. Now when he is not here he misses it.
Kevin has learned a lot and doesn’t scream like he used to. Now he knows a better way to
communicate. Praise the Lord!

The Rosales Children

One day, a woman selling magazines, which are geared toward students, came to our school. When she heard that our school was for the deaf, she said that she knew of a family that had four deaf children. We said we were interested in knowing more about them, and she told us that she would check into it, and then give us a call to let us know what she found out. DSC_0003-1.NEF

A long time went past without us hearing any more of them, but then one day a lady called and said that she was the Aunt to the deaf children. She said that someone had given her information about the school and that she would like to show us where her nieces and nephews lived. So it was that we started contact with the Rosales children.

While visiting their home we realized that they lived in a very poor place far from other people. Their father is a drunk and it’s up to their mother to provide financially for the home. She sells vegetables in the market for a living. We also realized that the family consisted of eight children, six of them are deaf! Imagine six deaf children! It has been very difficult for them. The first two deaf children are already adults, so we couldn’t offer them help in school, but to the other four (3 girls and 1 boy) we could!

DSC_0102.NEFThe mom really wanted them to come to school and to remain there. They are very poor and it was a great opportunity, but the Dad did not want that at all! He didn’t even want them to come to school because they helped their mother sell at the market and helped him when it’s time to plant corn.

We were very saddened by the attitude of the Dad and for some time we could not do anything but visit them and pray that God would work in the heart of the Dad.

One day the Dad was very drunk and started beating his wife, and his eldest son, trying to defend the Mom, started beating the Dad. The Mom then decided that she should go live elsewhere with the children be-cause they were in danger, so they went to another place to live alone. June 2010 092 edited

Then the mom called us and told us that they lived elsewhere and wondered if we could still take their children into the school and we said that they are welcome! That was how four children could begin to discover many things about life and God.

After a time the Dad’s behavior improved, and he stopped drinking. He asked his wife to return home. She then told him that the children were already studying and that if he allowed them to continue she would return. He accepted this condition! That is how the children are still in our school.

DSC_0109.NEFOne of the younger girls is the one that takes first place in the school’s internal competition in terms of vocabulary.

Thank-you, God!

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