Deaf Ministry of El Salvador

August 2010

June 8, 2011 | Comment

” Wow! My God is amazing…and He has
done amazing things for me! After many prayers
and the Hand of God at work in a Divine way, I
ended up here in El Salvador at a deaf school,
not knowing any Spanish or sign language. So far
I have daily been learning new
words and signs and it’s been
fun, although at times very
overwhelming trying t o
remember it all. I feel like I
have adapted very well and
am really enjoying life here.
My job description
here at CICS is summed up as
being the dorm Mother, which
I have come to discover
involves a variety of things.
Caring for the deaf little girls that stay here
during the week is the main thing. Right now I
only have one, as Yosselin hasn’t been here for
awhile. Beatriz has a few chores to help with after
school, namely sweeping and mopping, folding
laundry, setting the table and etc. I am
also responsible to make sure the boys
have a clean room and clothes. It has
been something for me to get used to
how quickly things get dusty and dirty
around here, and sometimes it seems
like an endless cycle. But the reward of a satisfied
feeling at seeing it nice and clean is always worth
the hard efforts!
It has proved to be very much of a
growing experience and a time of drawing nearer
to God. He has blessed me with so much and
interacting with the deaf kids has shown it to me
in a different way. As I realize the challenges they
face, not only in not being able to hear,
but also many of the sad home situations and
environments they come from, it makes me feel
humbled; and with God, I want to do all I can to
make a difference in their lives and let them feel
true love. Please pray that somehow God can
touch their lives through us, so as they grow older
they will live for Him!
Isaiah 43 has become very meaningful to
me in the past weeks. Especially verse 7; “Even
every one that is called by my name: for I have
created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea,
I have made him.” God has created us all for a
unique purpose and may all I do be for the glory
of my Creator!
-Julia Miller


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