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A Family Trip

November 30, 2017 | Comment

We would like to share with you a few of the blessings that God has given us as a family.

At the beginning of this year, we received an invitation to go and help with the annual Deaf Camp in Chihuahua, Mexico. Since we had been there before and made friends, we really wanted to go. But we also wanted to try to get visas to be able to visit the States. After preparing many documents, and after lots of prayer, it was a miracle that we were able to get visas for the whole family so we could go to Mexico and the States! We left home on July 17, traveling four days in our vehicle till we arrived at our destination, Los Jagueyes. On the way, we enjoyed eating Mexican food and seeing the many different sights – mountains, planted fields, deserts, and long roads that never seemed to end. One of the blessings was that we were able to pass 8 or 10 police checkpoints without being checked. One night we arrived in a city and stopped at 10 hotels without finding available rooms! But after praying, we found a hotel with one last room available on the highest floor. Praise God!

The week of the Camp was a huge blessing, sharing with both hearing and deaf friends. Natanael preached two times every day, Sunday through Friday, in addition to giving two classes daily. I taught one class a day for a group of married women. My sister, Maria Eva, who works at Shining Light, in Tecate, came to meet us there and help our children with their schoolwork. It was a time of counseling, encouraging, sharing struggles, and receiving encouragement from others who work with people from the deaf culture. We left Mexico for the States on Tuesday, August 1.

On Wednesday, the second of August, we arrived in Oklahoma at the house of Gamaliel and Juanita Aguilar and were there till Saturday, the fifth. We enjoyed the time with family, and the children were able to have fun with some of their other cousins.
Saturday morning we left for Kansas and went to the house of Willard and Sharon Mast. That night we had supper with friends that we had known before in El Salvador. It was a great time of sharing memories. We really enjoyed our time with the Mast family. The children especially remember the ice cream.

Monday, the seventh, we left for Indiana, arriving at midnight at the house of my aunt, Rosa Guadron. We had the privilege of staying in the house of my cousin, Raquel, who was with her family in El Salvador. We spent time with Caleb and Sandra Mast, who had previously worked in the ministry here. We visited with the Bontrager family and other friends. On Wednesday Natanael was able to share in the church of Rosewood about the deaf ministry here. Our children also made memories, playing in the lake, and Cliffton celebrated his eighth birthday.

On Saturday, August twelfth, we arrived in Ohio at the house of our friends, James and Noemi Yoder. On Sunday we went to church with them, and Natanael again shared about the ministry here. We visited with other friends and were able to experience riding in a buggy.

Monday, the fourteenth, we were headed to Niagra Falls, and on the way we visited Delila Miller, the first cook that worked here at CICS. We had a good time seeing Niagra Falls and witnessing how powerful our God is and how beautiful he has created our world.

On the way back we went to visit our friend, Marta, in Pennsylvania, who had also worked here before. Later we were guests of Juan Carlos and Melody Trejo, who used to be from our church and who also worked here at CICS. The next day we visited Samuel Stoltzfus, who worked here at CICS, and other friends as well. We left for Virginia on Friday the eighteenth, headed to see Chico, another of Natanael’s brothers, and on the way we had supper at the house of Melody and her husband. Melody had also previously worked here at CICS.

At midnight we arrived at Chico and Marleni Rivera’s house, and on Sunday, the 20th, Natanael shared at Faith Christian Fellowship, where Chico’s family attends.

We also visited Washington, D.C., and made more memories. On Monday, the 21st, we visited with Samuel and Miriam Amaya.
On Wednesday we went to the Ark in Kentucky. Once again we could see how God is a God of immense projects and uses humans like us to accomplish them.

Friday, the 25th, we arrived back in Oklahoma and had a weekend very full of preparations for our trip home. On Sunday we attended Cimarron Christian Brotherhood, and in the afternoon we headed to Dallas to visit Tatiana, one of Natanael’s nieces. The following day we went to visit Tim and Sonia Glick and their family in Texas.

Tuesday, August 29th, we began our trip south. That same day we crossed the border to Mexico without having any problems or having to register our things. Praise God! The following day we started to travel through Mexico, full of enthusiasm, since we wanted to be home already, but a few hours later, we realized that we’d lost a small suitcase off the back of the vehicle. We went back to look for it, but after awhile we decided that it’d be better to continue with our journey. We’re thankful that we didn’t have any really valuable things in that suitcase.

We arrived at the El Salvador border on the afternoon of September 1st. We were a little afraid that we’d have problems or have to register our belongings at the border, but we prayed, and praise God, we passed through without problems and without even getting out of the vehicle! Glory be to God!

We were away from home for seven weeks. This trip was a blessing and a gift from God. Thanks to everyone who made it possible and shared with us. God bless you! We are going to treasure our memories of this trip for a long time. And you’re welcome to visit us here, too, at any time.

~Becky Aguilar

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