Deaf Ministry of El Salvador

April 2011

June 10, 2011 | Comment

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus. May His grace and peace be multiplied in your lives. I want to share a little of my experience here in CICS. It has been a year of many blessings, seeing the hand of God strengthening and helping me in everything. I thank God because I have had the privilege of being the teacher of a couple new girls. When they arrived at the school they didn’t know any sign language and I didn’t know how to start teaching them. But thanks to God they have learned and now they can communicate with the other deaf children. It is wonderful to see what they have learned and that they can begin to express their feelings in correct ways. I can’t understand God’s greatness in that he has given this means (sign language) of reaching their hearts.
imageI remember a question that a deaf boy asked, “Why am I deaf?” He himself answered that God knows and that made me think of heaven where everything will be perfect. When I am in heaven I know that I will meet with some of these deaf children that I have taught about the Creator God who made everything perfect. Then it will no longer be necessary to use our hands to communicate and the question will be answered “Why am I deaf?”
For this reason I am voluntarily working with the deaf children and
may the results glorify God in their lives.
Pray for us that God would give us of His grace. God bless you.
~Eva Quintanilla

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