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July 31, 2011 | Comment

The Willard Mast family that lived in Las Delicias were the ones that let us know about Beatriz. She was living alone with her mom, as her dad was living in the USA. Willard and Sharon brought Beatriz and her mom to the deaf school one day so they could see how it
was, but at that point, we didn’t have enough teachers to be able to take her in.DSC_0260

The following year, we had Beatriz and two other
girls wanting to start school and God blessed us with
another teacher, so she was able to come. The year she
started school, her dad was back in El Salvador.

Beatriz is fairly soft-hearted and sentimental. Her
eyes are very expressive and she often seems to say more with her eyes than with her hands. Because she lives so far away, she stays at the school during the week and goes home on weekends. Her parents bring her back and forth by public transportation.

As we learned to know her, we discovered that after being at home, she wasn’t herself at the beginning of the week. She was unmotivated and more quiet than usual. She often seemed to be lost in thought. With time, however, she started to communicate more and told us of the problems in her home.

Her dad was a drunk and he didn’t treat her mother very kindly. At times she didn’t come to school because there was no money to pay the bus fare. This caused her to feel insecure and she often cried when her mom brought her.

At the beginning of this year, we went to see if she was going to come to school this year and found out that her parents had separated. She had lived with her mom at first, but then went to live with her dad. We weren’t sure if she was going to come, but Praise the
Lord, her parents got back together and Beatriz was able to continue coming to school. She is learning a lot and does well in writing.DSC_0170-1

Please pray for her family; there are still problems and it does affect her. Our desire is that through our contact with Beatriz, her family would come to know the Lord.

Becky Aguilar

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