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June 10, 2011 | Comment

imageWe asked the government agency that looks after the welfare of children, if they had any deaf children in their homes; they answered us with, “we would need to search the system”, but they soon let us know that they had a boy that was approximately 6 or 7 years old, and that is how Carlos came to our school.
Nothing is known of his parents, as he was abandoned in a housing development. Apparently his parents decided to move to another place with the intention of leaving him behind, which they did.
For a time, Carlos lived on the street, eating what the neighbors would give him. When the police were informed of this, they placed him in an orphanage. For some time, he lived being moved from one orphanage to another, as he was always escaping. Since he came here, he has not tried to run away.
imageCarlos has a ready smile and people easily fall in love with him, but because of what he suffered, the sunny smile and the reality of what he is feeling in his heart, are often not the same. He lives behind some pretty high barriers.
Those who have cared for him have had many frustrations, but God is slowly changing his heart and we now begin to see the fruits of our patience and hard work.image
He has learned a lot in school, including how to behave properly, imagebut above all to have the fear of the Lord in his heart.
Pray for us that God will guide us to know how to train Carlos.
Pray also for the future of Carlos and that his heart can be completely healed.
~Becky Aguilar

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