Deaf Ministry of El Salvador


June 7, 2011 | Comment


The governmental branch that watches out for children’s rights received a
call reporting Kevin’s family. Some neighbors who lived close to them
thought Kevin was probably being abused because they would hear lots of
screaming from him. When they went to investigate, they found out that
Kevin is deaf and that was the reason for all the screams. Screaming and
screeching were his way of communicating.
The lady in charge at the office made contact with us and
together we went to visit the family. That is how we learned to know Kevin.
The parents were very happy when they found out that we have a
school where Kevin could receive some schooling. They had wanted to send him
to one of the schools for deaf in San Salvador but had not been able, because of financial limitations.
Since they live far from our school it was necessary for Kevin to stay here from Monday through Friday. The parents were quite worried about this. They were afraid Kevin would not like the idea of being away from home. When they brought him to school, Kevin really liked it, but didn’t much like the idea of staying here. At first it was pretty difficult for him to adjust, but little by little he began feeling more comfortable. Now when he is not here he misses it.
Kevin has learned a lot and doesn’t scream like he used to. Now he knows a better way to
communicate. Praise the Lord!

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