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Matthias Beachy

October 29, 2012 | Comment

CICS 2014 - Samuel Stoltzfus -- 2014-03-03.jpgAddition, subtraction, Spanish, sign language. Energy is poured into teaching the students about the world and continents, about nouns and adjectives, about colors and animals, about counting from 1 to 100. Preparation for the year end drama: three boys, hot fire, big idol, and an even bigger God. Thanks Wesley, Matthias, Rosanna, and Melody.

Lawn mowed, pig fed, dog’s kennel cleaned. Lots of biking in and out the lane. The guys kept out of trouble and taught the value of work first, then play. Thanks Elmer.CICS 2014 - Samuel Stoltzfus -- 2014-04-15.jpg

Clothes cleaned. Floors swept and mopped. A little girl kept busy and taught about making bread. Thanks Andrea.

The smell of fresh bread drifts by. It’s 5:30pm. Half an hour until supper. Food will be ready soon. Excellent cooking. Thanks Verónica.

It’s life at the deaf school.

After supper, there will be spelling words to study, games to play, dishes to be washed, and time spent together with the deaf children. Pray for us. We desire to influence these deaf children towards God.

Matthias Beachy

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