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Newletter April 2015

April 2, 2015 | Comment

IMG_2274Greetings to all our friends and co-laborers in this ministry! We trust that God is filling your lives with blessings as He has ours.

The last trimester of last year, the students went on an outing and visited a children’s museum called Tin-Marin. I believe that everyone enjoyed it immensely, children and adults alike.

At the last spelling competition of last year, we had some surprises. Some of the students, who hadn’t won anything before, put forth lots of effort and won some prizes.

We had a nice closing program, with lots of visitors. It was also a farewell for two of our students, Ana and Kevin. Please pray for them, as they are not living right, that they would remember and live what they have learned in school.

In September, we had a staff outing–a good time of recreation and sharing.

By the second week in November, all the staff had left the school grounds and gone back to their homes for school vacation. Two of them left, not planning to return: Andrea Hershberger and Maria Eva, who has been working here for many years.

During vacation time, Natanael made three trips to the USA on business. On one of his trips, he enjoyed a family reunion with his brothers, who hadn’t been together for almost twenty-five years.

In January, the CICS facilities were used to host the Bible Institute for our El Salvadoran youth. We were occupied helping in the kitchen and teaching sign language. Zulma, one of the deaf youth, also helped in the kitchen. Elmer was helping with different stuff and Veronica attended some of the classes. A bunch of the deaf also attended the evening services.


The staff began to arrive the first of February in time for a new school year in 2015. By the tenth, everyone had arrived. There are two new workers this year: Lidia Alfaro, of Costa Rica, came as cook, and Paty Vásquez, of El Salvador, is here as a teacher. The students began school on February 12. We have two new students for this year: Antony, who is six years old, and Roman, who is eleven years old. In the next newsletter we will tell you some more about them. We are in the process of finding the new normal for this year, so please pray for us:

  • for direction and wisdom in this school year
  • for spiritual protection of the staff and students
  • for health and physical strength for blessing and direction in some new projects

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