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Newsletter April 2011

June 10, 2011 | Comment

This year we have twelve students and three teachers. Our teachers this year are Wesley Mast from IN, María Eva Pacheco, and Eva Quintanilla, from here in El Salvador. We have three new workers this year: Mayra Berrios, who daily cooks three meals for us; Margretta Beachy from OH, the dorm mother and housekeeper; and Amilcar Vásquez, the dorm father. Nata and Becky Aguilar and family are beginning their sixth year as house parents/director. Abel Quinteros and Joseph Miller worked hard here the first weeks of school. We are quite grateful for the two new bathrooms they added to the mission house. Outdoors they built bigger, better restroom facilities. The reason for all the added bathrooms was because March 1-3 the Central American Minister’s Meetings were held here. The students had a whole week of vacation as the school rooms were used as bedrooms and the big front yard now held hundreds of missionaries who came to hear the Word of God and to be instructed and refreshed. Instead of teaching and doing their normal work, the teachers and workers helped cook three meals a day for the hungry crowds! March 7, school began again. By this time all the staff had arrived and everyone was ready for normal life again! The first day back, the students got to help with cleaning up. If you were to visit here, these are some of the sights you would see: Mangos!! Everyone is greatly enjoying mango season. Our huge trees are just loaded with mangos. Some like the ripe, juicy orange ones, some like the tart green ones with salt, some like them all. It’s not unusual to see the children wandering the nearby fields or climbing trees to find mangos. Children or staff pushing the van out the lane till it starts! The sight really is rather funny, but it does remind us again of the fact that we need another more dependable van around here! (We have since purchased another one. Thank-you to those of you that made this possible!). image Children signing to each other and to the staff. It’s evident that the children enjoy their time here at the school and being able to communicate with people as most of their families do not know sign language so communication is limited. And no, it is not quiet around here even though the children are deaf. They cannot hear themselves, but they still laugh, yell, and make noises to get your attention. A highlight in our day is a time of singing and Bible story after lunch. Even after the children go home, we still have much activity here as three children stay for the night.Please pray that we could share God’s love with the children. Also especially pray for our safety as there seems to be more unrest in the area these days.                      ~ Margretta Beachy

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