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Newsletter April 2014

April 1, 2014 | Comment

Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to all our brethren, friends, and acquaintances that have supported us in different ways in this ministry. May the Lord shower on your lives abundant blessings, the same as He has on us.
I’d like to share a little of what has happened, around here, starting from the end of last year and including the beginning of this year.

The last time we wrote, we were getting ready for the end-of-the-year school program. It was a very busy time, especially for the teachers.

IMG_6246We dramatized the story of Daniel, his three friends, and the fiery furnace. A lot of the student’s families, CICS committee, students from our Church School, and other visitors came. We trust that God’s message touched the hearts of those that attended.

Another thing that affected the ending of last year was that it felt like Satan was trying to disrupt the work here through some difficult situations. We praise God that we finished the year and were able to start enjoying our vacation, expecting it to be relaxing, but God had different plans for us, as a family. Some tough situations were part of vacation so that in the end, we were very busy and vacation time was tiring. At least our daily routine changed a bit.

During our school vacations, we always stay in contact with some of the deaf children, especially with those that regularly attend IMG_6244Sunday church services. Part of our interaction with them is to help them work through problems with their families; we encourage and also admonish. The former students often come to visit, either to just talk, or to help mow the lawn.

During vacation, the CICS Board, along with Natanael, had a number of meetings to plan for the following school year; sometimes the meetings can get long. There are weighty matters that need to be addressed and direction given for the future but they also take time to enjoy fellowship with each other.

We thank God that at the end of last year, we already had all the volunteers that we needed for this year. What a great blessing!
School began this year with twelve students, but soon after starting, one more student came. So the current enrollment is thirteen.

cics staff

Andrea, Maria Eva, Melody, Verónica, Matthias, Elmer, Samuel

Teachers and students are grouped in the following manner:

Matthias Beachy, who is in his third year of teaching, has four young men as students: Mauricio, Kevin, Carlos, and José.

Maria Eva, after taking a one year break, is back. She has four students: Ana, Teresa, Paola, and Beatriz.

Samuel Stoltzfus is here for the first year and has the following three students: Joel, Eduardo, and Jairo.

Melody Eash, in her second year of teaching here, has two students: Miguel and Silvia. They require a lot of specialized teaching.

Elmer, who is an ex-student and last year filled in as dorm dad from August to October, is back, taking on the dorm dad responsibilities.

Andrea, who also filled in as dorm mom the last part of the past school term, is back as dorm mom.

Working in the kitchen we have Verónica, also an ex-student, and this is her third year as cook.

We trust that this year can be blessed, with the Lord’s help. Please keep us in your prayers, so that we can be aware of our enemy’s attacks and fight spiritually.

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