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Newsletter August 2010

June 7, 2011 | Comment

The rains have come and we again see the good hand of God. The fields around us are planted and the corn is high enough that we can no longer see our neighbors’ houses. This work has all been done by the deaf children and their teachers. They enjoy this time of getting out of the schoolroom and showing their ability to work in the fields, barefoot in the damp soil, working in the sunshine. They love it, even though it is tiring.  After the planting we need to do the fertilizing, which is again a lot of fun. Now we are waiting for the harvest and hope to enjoy making typical foods from the new corn, if God so allows. We make what we Salvadorans call an atolada, which includes tamalitos, atol, and tortillas which are all made with young corn. It’s very delicious.



imageWith the rains come the flies, gnats and mosquitoes, which bring different kinds of sickness. Many of us have been sick with colds, stomach problems and fevers; but thanks to God, we are mostly recuperated.

We are very happy that Jose and Erika are coming to school again, but sad because Yosselin and Odalis are no longer coming. Pray for them that God could guide their lives.

Several of our American workers went to Antigua, Guatemala to study Spanish and others have taken vacation time and gone to visit their families. There have also been some visitors who were a great blessing and encouragement and helped to break the routine. Two girls from the WATER program were here with us for a week and helped paint the inside of the second story of the main house. Thanks a lot for your work!


Thanks also to those who have supported us by providing some necessary items, namely kitchen utensils, etc. May God bless you richly!      ~Becky

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