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Newsletter August 2014

August 1, 2014 | Comment

We want to share with you, some of the things that have happened here in the last several months.

IMG_0140 2This year, we have butchered chickens twice. The one time we were helped by some family and friends who were visiting Melody Eash, and the other time it was just us with the students. It was very interesting to see how much they have learned about that work and how fast we could finish butchering 86 chickens. We hope that this experience can be helpful to the students in their daily lives.

We have had two word competitions this year and it is satisfying to see some students who before had problems memorizing, now advancing and earning prizes. This is the result of God’s grace and the combined efforts of teachers and students.

IMG_1470In El Salvador, we have a week of vacation from school that we call Holy Week. The workers here went with the Ramos family to a place in the mountains called Apaneca where the climate is cool. Our family had the privilege of going to Belize and visiting family, friends, and deaf friends.

May was a very interesting month for our family. We were invited to go help with a deaf camp in Chihuahua, Mexico. So we decided to go as a family and travel by land. It took four days to go and five days to come back, as well as a week at the deaf camp. IMG_0167 2That is to say, we were gone three weeks. We thank God that things continued normally here at CICS while Loncho and his family took our place. They did a good job. Thank you very much. It was a good experience for our family, making many memories and new friends. We learned to know many more deaf, who now have a place in our hearts. We were again made aware that other ministries also have their good times and their difficult times. It is all to extend the Kingdom of God.

In June, we took an excursion to the zoo. It was good time of recreation for both the students and teachers.

In the end of June, we cancelled school for several days while the youth retreat was held here at our facilities. Some of the volunteers took the opportunity to go home and visit family.

IMG_0135In July, we had help from two young women from the Water program. This gave Andrea an opportunity to visit her family for several days.

Sunday, the tenth of August, we rejoiced to have our first baptism of a previous student, Veronica, who is now our cook. It was a big encouragement and blessing. Our prayer is that we can continue to see the work of the Holy Spirit being manifested in the other deaf youth.

We are always grateful for the support of each one of you that has shown interest in this ministry through your prayers and financial support. May God richly bless you.

Nata and Becky Aguilar

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