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Newsletter July 2015

July 20, 2015 | Comment

IMG_5118What’s been happening at CICS?

Well, at the end of March, the 24-26 specifically, the staff had the privilege of attending IMG_5147a Central American teachers’ meeting in Nicaragua. It was a time of learning, sharing, and meeting others, along with a bit of adventure.

Our family enjoyed a time together as a family. After that came a week of Easter vacation. Each worker had their different activities. After the break, everyone was ready to continue with normal work.

IMG_5695In April, a few of Samuel’s siblings visited. They came planning to install a new plaything for the children–a trampoline! We are grateful to the boys for their work. The children and adults alike have enjoyed it very much. Although there have been a few minor accidents, it continues to be the biggest attraction for the IMG_6156children at recess time.

We also enjoyed a visit from some of our former staff, namely, Caleb and Sandra Mast. They were here a few days, and it was good to remember times gone by and see changes that life brings, including a new addition to their family, baby Desmond. We say thanks for the invitation to eat at Pollo Campero. It was a good time of making memories.

IMG_2837The month of May was full of activities. We had Rebeca Glick here for a week to teach some of the deaf girls how to make rugs out of pieces of material. It was beneficial in opening their minds a bit to something else that they can make with their hands. We thank Rebeca for her work.

Matthias’ brother came all the way from Africa to visit. Also there was a group of youth from a Spanish class that came and visited for a day. We are grateful for their help in different jobs.IMG_0146

There was a group of youth from a university that brought piñatas, ice cream, fruit, cookies, cake, and drinks for the children. It was a fun day with lots to eat. We say thanks.

We had our first spelling competition on May 15. It is always interesting to see how much the children have learned. It is also a IMG_0169challenge for the teachers.

We planned some sewing classes for some of the girls. Already some of them have finished their first projects and are ready to start with something bigger–making their owIMG_1101n dresses! We want the girls to be able to discover skills and learn things that will be useful in their lives.

In the midst of all these activities, I had a gallbladder surgery. We thank God that everything went well. I only need time to recover and regain energy.

This is what has been happening in our small place at CICS.

-Becky Aguilar

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