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Newsletter May 2009

April 12, 2011 | Comment

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; the One who remains faithful. He has been faithfully providing for all our needs, at the right time. The first part of this year has been very busy, but also, filled with many bless-ings. School started on February 15th with 17 students. Four of them are new students and we also have four teachers. Each teacher and his group enjoy the reality of having their own classroom with new desks, chairs, and whiteboards; it almost seems like a luxury since the last years the different groups were together in one room and sat around a ta-ble with their teachers and used some boxes to store books. What we have now is a real blessing! We thank God and all those who contributed to make this possible.

CICS staff

Also this year we are blessed to have a dorm father and a dorm mother for the children that board here during the week; we had three boys and two girls that stayed, but two of them have stopped coming. Please pray for them so they can return, and pray for the dorm father and mother: Wesley Mast and Julia Miller, that God would give them wisdom to be able to help these children. Among the activities we have done with the children, butchering chickens and planting corn are two activities that allow us to have a good time outside the classroom. When we planted corn, it was very wearying as the sun was very hot, but even so, the children were very ex-cited to help. Another activity that we wanted to do, but were not able to, was to make mango sauce. We don’t understand why this year the mango trees have become bees nests! The day Nathaniel went to pick mangos, the bees attacked him! They stung him so much that he had to go to bed for the rest of the day; complaining of pain and with no de-sire to climb that tree again!
At school, we have already had the first word contest. It is always exciting for teachers and pupils to see how much they have learned.
God bless all of you, who in one way or another contribute to this ministry!

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