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Newsletter October 2016

October 12, 2016 | Comment

Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the owner of this ministry.

In one of our devotional times as staff, we were reminded by 1 Corinthians 15:58 that we should be steadfast, or constant, in the work of the Lord, because it is not in vain. Many times the devil wants to make us discouraged, but we have the promise that someday we will see the fruit of our effort in serving God.

In the last months we have had some difficulties among the students in their relationships with others. Many times we have had to help them choose right, and thank God, His Spirit keeps working, breaking lives, and although we do not always see great changes and we are not sure if they understand everything, we trust that God can complete the work of transformation in their lives.

We have had the blessing of visitors since the beginning of the year. Thanks to everyone for your help and encouragement for us and the students.

Anita Byler and Marla Graber, thank you for the curtains you made for the classrooms and church house.

Ivan Glick and Shawn Lapp did a good job chopping down the weeds and putting gravel on the lane.

Leandra Dueck and Regina Reiff, thanks for your help in cleaning beans and with the activities with the schoolchildren.
Lavelle Beiler, Jonathan Peachey, Matt King, Steven Glick, Darren Stoltzfus, thank you for your wonderful work in cleaning up the back part of the property, tearing down the old buildings and cutting down trees.

May God bless each one for your great effort and all the work you accomplished!

We also had the privilege of having the parents of the students here, to report to them how their children are doing in their studies and conduct. It was good for the parents to see what their children have accomplished and also the needs they have, and see how they can help them.

We have also had a visit from ISNA, the government agency responsible for the children’s welfare in El Salvador, (Equivalent to Social Services in the USA). It is strange, but they have visited us three times this year and they always have observations to share with us, some simple and some that have us a bit concerned. We ask for your prayers, because they want to come next month to give us some teaching on a certain law.

We are approaching the end of another school year and there is much work to do. Pray that we can continue putting forth effort in serving the Lord.

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