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February 21, 2015 | Comment

Age: 6 years
Student since: 2015
You’ll hardly find a friendlier human being than Antony! (At least when he isn’t made to do something he dislikes) He likes to play with everyone, and is always good for a selfie. Antony is just starting to learn ASL, but it’s a bit easier for him than some, since he was already exposed to signing during his childhood, when he learned some LESA (El Salvadoran sign language). More about Antony…

Age: 8 years
Student since: 2013
Jairo is a very friendly chap who always enjoys running around, playing games, and teasing others. Of course, this sometimes becomes a problem in the classroom where he needs to actually study and learn. When he realized that school wasn’t just a big party, he struggled with calming down and working hard. However, in those moments when he gets a concept, it’s truly a sight to see! More about Jairo…

Age: 8 years
Student since: 2013
Miguel is another fellow with tons of energy. Everything he enjoys, he does with all his might! Unless it’s his schoolwork, then not so much. Miguel has a big problem with paying attention. As in “one plus one is… oh look, a bird!!” He also struggles with submitting to authority, due to being spoiled and mistreated at home. However, in spite of his faults, you can’t help but love him! He is truly a sweet little boy sometimes! More about Miguel…

Age: 9 years
Student since: 2012
The third member of the three musketeers (along with Jairo and Miguel), Joel is clearly the boss. He is a bit older than the other boys and he enjoys showing it, whether it’s by tattling on others or simply shoving them around. Joel is a tough little kid, mostly because he has had to be that way. Life hasn’t always been kind to Joel–his family is very poor and he doesn’t get a lot of love. However, there’s also another side to Joel. He is extremely intelligent and usually learns fast if he sticks with it. More about Joel…

Age: 12 years
Student since: 2010
Paola is a very sensitive girl, not afraid to be honest when something is bothering her. While the smile on her face is rather rare, she is not quite as sour as she looks. Her patience in being a friend with Silvia has been very sweet to watch. She is very conscientious and tries hard to do what is right, which is not always easy in a house that is not set on the same principles as those we teach. More about Paola…

Age: 14 years
Student since: 2010
The smile on this girl’s face is always amazing and challenging. She has an extremely difficult home life but Monday morning always finds her at school with a great big smile, always ready to joke and have a good time. She is one of the girls who stays here at the school during the week and we all love her sweet attitude as well as her spot-on impressions of people! Beatriz has made the important decision to follow Jesus and strives to do so in her daily life. More about Beatriz…

Age: 14 years
Student since: 2013
If there is anyone here at CICS who is the “cool guy”, it’s Eduardo. He almost never gets angry and is pretty much friends with everybody. Everyone likes teasing him, because of his hilarious reactions. He is very intelligent and does well in school most of the time. His only major problem is his habit of complaining when he needs to study or do his lessons. More about Eduardo…

Age: 15 years
Student since: 2007
Teresa is a very intelligent and dedicated student. She is careful in her work and gets good grades. Teresa loves to talk and socialize with the other girls in school. Teresa has expressed her desire to do what is right and follow God. She is a follower and thus easily influenced by others. It’s exciting to see her seeking God and wanting to follow Him. More about Teresa…

Maria (Right)
Age: 17 years
Student since: 2016
This is Maria’s first year at CICS, and so she knows very little sign language. But she is a very intelligent student and willing to learn. She was a bit shy at first due to the newness of it all, but she is socializing and learning more every day. It won’t be long until Maria knows a lot of sign language! More about Maria…

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