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The Rosales Children

April 13, 2011 | Comment

One day, a woman selling magazines, which are geared toward students, came to our school. When she heard that our school was for the deaf, she said that she knew of a family that had four deaf children. We said we were interested in knowing more about them, and she told us that she would check into it, and then give us a call to let us know what she found out. DSC_0003-1.NEF

A long time went past without us hearing any more of them, but then one day a lady called and said that she was the Aunt to the deaf children. She said that someone had given her information about the school and that she would like to show us where her nieces and nephews lived. So it was that we started contact with the Rosales children.

While visiting their home we realized that they lived in a very poor place far from other people. Their father is a drunk and it’s up to their mother to provide financially for the home. She sells vegetables in the market for a living. We also realized that the family consisted of eight children, six of them are deaf! Imagine six deaf children! It has been very difficult for them. The first two deaf children are already adults, so we couldn’t offer them help in school, but to the other four (3 girls and 1 boy) we could!

DSC_0102.NEFThe mom really wanted them to come to school and to remain there. They are very poor and it was a great opportunity, but the Dad did not want that at all! He didn’t even want them to come to school because they helped their mother sell at the market and helped him when it’s time to plant corn.

We were very saddened by the attitude of the Dad and for some time we could not do anything but visit them and pray that God would work in the heart of the Dad.

One day the Dad was very drunk and started beating his wife, and his eldest son, trying to defend the Mom, started beating the Dad. The Mom then decided that she should go live elsewhere with the children be-cause they were in danger, so they went to another place to live alone. June 2010 092 edited

Then the mom called us and told us that they lived elsewhere and wondered if we could still take their children into the school and we said that they are welcome! That was how four children could begin to discover many things about life and God.

After a time the Dad’s behavior improved, and he stopped drinking. He asked his wife to return home. She then told him that the children were already studying and that if he allowed them to continue she would return. He accepted this condition! That is how the children are still in our school.

DSC_0109.NEFOne of the younger girls is the one that takes first place in the school’s internal competition in terms of vocabulary.

Thank-you, God!

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