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February 21, 2015 | Comment

Keith Yoder family – Director
Volunteer since: 2021
Keith and Melody Yoder from West Virginia, USA joined the school in 2021 along with Amy (2) and Liam (1).   Keith works as the director, picking up and dropping off the students, helping out with problems and coordinating schedules and work projects.  Melody spends an hour every morning tutoring Deris, helping him catch up with the other students.  Her 3 years of experience teaching here at CICS give her much valuable insight not only as she teaches Deris but also helping in the teachers when they have questions.  Amy is picking up sign language quickly and loves to play Uno with the deaf children.  

David Glick – Head Teacher
Volunteer since: 2016 
David is the longest tenured staff here at CICS and his experience and wisdom has proved invaluable.  After working at CICS part time, then working as a Dorm Father, he worked as a teacher last year until COVID shut down school.  This year he is teaching the older students, Paula, Miguel and Jairo.  David has many talents and evenings will often find him repairing something, from sewing machines to his moto.  He strives to make his lessons interesting and practical for his students and science class occasionally finds them tearing apart old computers to see how they work.  

Esther Glick – Teacher
Volunteer since: 2020
Esther, cousin to David and Edwin, has been learning sign language along with her students and has proven to be a fast learner.  She is teaching the younger students, Gabi, Antony and Deris and is doing a great job inspiring them to learn.  Esther usually brings her car to school each week and has been kind enough to allow it to be used when a schedule conflict requires two vehicles.  

Edwin Glick – Dorm Dad/Maintenance 
Volunteer since: 2020
Edwin has the challenging job of taking care of Miguel and Deris in the mornings before school and in the afternoons and evenings after school.  Besides being responsible for two energetic boys who don’t always enjoy doing what they should, Edwin also makes sure the property stays well maintained.  Edwin does a good job of interacting with the boys and can often be heard running and playing with the boys in the evenings after supper.  

Jennica Miller – Cook
Volunteer since: 2021
Jennica can usually be found hard at work in the kitchen.  If she’s not preparing the next meal, she’s baking bread, or making granola or cheese or yogurt.  Besides making lots of delicious food, she keeps the kitchen sparkling clean.  Jennica loves interacting with the children and I often see her laughing at their lunchtime conversations.  

Nanci Vasquez – Dorm Mother/Domestics
Volunteer since: 2020
Although there are no longer any girls who stay here during the week, Nanci stays quite busy.  The main floor needs to be mopped every day to keep the grime from taking over and there is always so much laundry to be done.  Nanci  has done a great job of teaching Amy some Spanish and it is fun watching them communicate in a mixture of Spanish, English and Sign Language.  

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