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February 21, 2015 | Comment

Natanael Aguilar family – Director
Volunteer since: 2005
Natanael, along with his family, is the one that helps keep CICS running. He is the one who had the vision to start a school for the deaf which ultimately resulted in CICS. His responsibilities include doing most of the driving, preaching at our church, translating, and contacting the parents about various school matters.

Roberto Ramirez family – Maintenance/Dorm Father/Teacher
Volunteer since: 2017
Roberto and Ruth Ramirez have two sons: Roberto Jr. who is 14 and Dorian who is 9. They live in Casa Twila, the little house past the shop. Roberto works as the Maintenance Man and Dorm Father, overseeing Miguel in the afternoons. His wife Ruth teaches the youngest three students, 9 year old Miguel, 9 year old Jairo, and 7 year old Antony, although the last two have not been coming to school regularly.

Myra Berrios – Teacher
Volunteer since: 2017
Myra Berrios teaches the four teenage girls: 18 year old Maria, 16 year old Teresa, 15 year old Beatriz, and 13 year old Paola. Myra worked here at CICS as a cook five years ago, so she already knows sign language . She loves to tease everybody and make strawberry shakes in the afternoons when it’s hot. The strawberries will soon be gone, but then she’ll probably make mango shakes instead.

David Glick – Part time
Volunteer since: 2016
David Glick is teaching English to the hearing students at the church school again this year. Nata picks him up every Monday morning, along with Beatriz and Miguel, and he has classes Monday and Tuesday afternoons, and then buses home on Wednesday. It’s good to have him around – he worked as Dorm Father for the second half of last year, in addition to his classes, so it feels like he’s part of the staff here.

Darin Hershberger – Part time
Volunteer since: 2017
Also here at CICS is Darin Hershberger, working with Open Hands Ministry. He’s using CICS as his home base between visits to different countries. While he’s here at CICS, he helps Roberto with maintenance work and joins heartily in all our games after supper, sometimes counting his cards in Creole (the language spoken in Haiti). He worked here as a Dorm Father several years ago, so he knows a good bit of sign language as well.

Eliazar Rodriguez – Teacher
Volunteer since: 2017
Eliazar is the third new teacher, and his class consists of 16 year old Eduardo and 10 year old Joel. Eliazar often gets teased about having to duck through doorways because of his height, but his energy and example will hopefully help motivate his students to do well at their studies.

Verónica Rosales – Cook
Volunteer since: 2012
Also a former student and a sister to Teresa, a current student, Verónica is in charge of the CICS kitchen. Coordinating meals and then cooking them three times a day takes up a lot of her time during the week. Her choco-bananas (bananas frozen on popsicle sticks and dipped in chocolate coating) are always a favorite with the students, and 4 year old Dwight Aguilar loves to help her measure flour when she makes bread or cinnamon rolls. She often takes time to work outside as well, weeding or watering the flowerbeds.

Bethany Thompson – Dorm Mother
Volunteer since: 2016
Bethany Thompson is again working as the Dorm Mother, helping Beatriz study her words and other homework, teaching her to sew a dress of her own, and listening to her stories of what happens at her house over the weekends.

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